Water retention? Everything you have to know about that.

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Water retentionis an accumulation of watery fluids among the cells of the tissues; it is usually found in those parts of the body which are prone to the accumulation of fat: thighs, abdomen, gluteus, for instance.

When the excess of liquid is not absorbed, edemas appear: this is the first stage of the cellulitiswhich can be easily and successfully treated.

It is simple to recognize it: with a finger, press the part of your body under investigation-if the sign of the finger remains, if the area is colder than the other parts of the body, if the skin looks spongy, there it is! It’s water retention!

It can be treated with several homemade treatments or specific ones in beauty salons: the key words to get rid of edematous cellulitisare softness, cold, and drainage.

First, you should have a good massagedone by your trusted beautician.Lymph drainage, for instance, consists of soft movements, touches, and compressions which drain the watery liquid into the lymphatic station and then into the circulation.

Then circulation will betyter get, the tissues will be more oxygenated, the toxins will be eliminated easily, and all the area will deflate.

Please, no kneading, no manipulation, no pinches, they are not useful at all. Quite the opposite, they may prove to be counterproductive if they are not carried out properly. You should turn to an expert beautician who knows well the anatomy of the body and can manage these techniques properly.

Pressotherapymay be very effective as well. Pressotherapy device is an alternative to the manual drainage massage. It is composed of a central unit which blows air into accessories that usually cover the limbs or the abdomen of the patients and stimulate the lymphatic system.

You may also ask your beautician or beauty therapist for the most suitable solution for you among radiofrequency, LPG endermologie treatments, and ultrasound.

Moreover, bandages or body wrapsand draining firm cold mudcan be carried on your own at home or at the beautician’s. The active ingredientsand the compressionperformed by the elastic bandages have draining and detox action. On the other hand, mud (clay, preferably) have a detoxand absorbing function.

In order to make the drainage treatments more effective, you should always have a good body scrub.

You may use cosmetic creams which contain draining constituents, such as bromelain (in the pineapple), or birch; some natural productssuch as ruscus, or red berries may significantly improve capillary fragility. Invigorating ingredients(mint, hypericum, or eucalyptus) and rosemary, which favors the body circulation, are highly recommended.

Essential oils, such as orange, lemon, tangerine, cypress, or rosemary may be combined with vegetable oilsalmond oil for instance (never use pure essential oils) to favor drainage treatments.

You have to be constantand patient and, remember that a change in life style is the first step to take. You should have your treatment done at least once or twice a weekfor the first month and then reduce the frequency in the following months.

Finally, you should always take the specialists’ advice and read the instructions of use of the products you want to apply.


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