About us

Stefania Cattaneo

LOTUS FLOWER PCOS founding member

My name is Stefania Cattaneo and I am a Nutritionist Biologist. I have always been fond of sports and nutrition most of all related to the women. I work in my private office near Turin, there I see every sort of patients with really different problems and needs. Actually, I mainly deal with sports people (I got a Master Degree in Sport Nutrition in the summer 2016) and women who suffer from hormonal ailment linked to the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS was the topic of my last Degree Thesis and it was an absolutely long, hard and challenging work. On the other hand, I was able to get into the that part of the women’s world full of doubts, lack of self confidence, female problems, restlessness, dissatisfaction about their own body.

As in any good journey you always have to have a skilled guide and a bright model, mine was: Sasha Ottey, founder of  PCOS Challenge, Inc., and Angela Grassi, an American nutritionist who specialized in PCOS and founded the PCOS Nutrition Center in Philadelphia. I met them in the Usa because they are the only ones who have been carrying on an amazing project for long time: they want to increase Us people’s awareness about  PCOS. Sasha Ottey has been organizing unforgettable events all around the Usa; in these events, women get information and answers from the most important specialists in POCS in the world. Angela Grassi has been working flat out as nutritionist and motivational coach to drive her patients throughout the ordinary management of their lifestyles. They are great masters. So, I have asked myself: why not in Italy? Why can we provide our patients with scientific details and professional support here as well? Why can’t we set up a website which can provide everybody  easy and handy topic?


Ambra Orazi

This is me, Ambra. I am a food-blogger, a food-lover, a food-writer, and I am a loving mum and wife. I cope with digital pr activities, I write articles for specialized magazines, I hold cooking courses and I cook at my client’s home on request. I love to cook delicious but healthy recipes. I cook plain and simple food which highlights the pure taste of each single ingredient as it is. I think that my way of dealing with the food gets really well with the mission of Lotus Flower PCOS.

Barbara Alessio

I am Barbara Alessio, I am a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a psycho-diagnotic theraphyst. I have been helping people in their personal growth, and cure for almost 25 years. I talk with women, I want to help them in their journey, I want to make them feel they are not alone, I want to listen to them, to support them, to soothe their pain and make them lead their life and take care of their health.

Valentina Frignani

I’m Valentina. I deal with fashion, but the real fashion of every day’s life, the one which gets to the shops after the catwalks. I deal with fashion for ordinary women who feel like being protagonists in life, who want to be beautiful and dynamic with their suitable look!

Lavinia Corapi

Hi, my name is Lavinia Corapi and I’m a fitness coach. Here I am in charge of highlighting some essential but sometimes neglected points as doing exercise is really important to the cure and the control of several diseases such as PCOS as well.

Rachele Cipriano

My name is Rachele. I’m attending a course in a Beauty and Cosmetology School and I am really keen on changes! I made a change myself to do what I have always been interested in, the beauty because I think that the physical beauty may affect the inner one.