Acne: development and stages

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Some women who suffer from the polycystic ovary syndrome have to deal with acne as well.

It is an inflammatory disorder of the skin provoked by the skin glands and the hair follicles. Acne commonly affects oily skin as a result of an excess of sebum production primarily on the face, but it can also occur on the neck, on the abdomen, on the back, and sometimes also on the gluteus.

The onset of this disorder may involve several causes, but the we are mainly interested in hormonal factors and ovarian imbalances which affect the regular work of the sebaceous glands.

Acne shows different stages of development and each of them can be properly cured in order to avoid the following (and worse) stage.

Moreover, the choice between medical or cosmetic treatments depends on the severity of the acne, but you have to keep in mind that only a doctor may treat severe acne. Both pharmacological and cosmetic treatment can occur together.

Let’s have a look at the stages of the acne:

In the first stage, the early comedone one, a great deal of whiteheads and blackhead appear on the face. You would like to get rid of them right away (you may think you just have oily skin).
You should not self-treat the area as you may increase the bacterial rate and make the situation worse. You should ask your beautician for a cycle of face cleansing treatments in order to disinfect the area carefully and prevent the onset of the following stages of the acne.

In the second stage, inflammatory papule one, occurs when the blackheads are totally clogged by keratin.

The following stage, the inflammatory pustule one, is the consequence of the previous phase and the cause is to be found in the bacteria on the surface of our skin (eg: Propionibacterium acnes) which produces pus.
Watch out! Papules and pustules must not be squeezed as this may actually aggravate the infection and scarring may be a real possibility.
The nodule cyst stage shows serious inflammation, and the nodules turn into deep cysts composed of a hard layer of collagen which acts as a body defense against the inflammation itself.

Eventually, the scarring stage comes. Permanent or temporary deep keloid scars, or dark hyper-pigmetated spots may appear on the stressed skin.
The development of the acne is highly subjective, and the above-mentioned phases may not occur in the same sequence and end up in the most severe one; that’s the reason why each patient should be provided with a tailored treatment.

Each stage has got a suitable treatment– the problem must not really be underestimated and it must be treated properly whether if you suffer from PCOS or not.

Your gynecologist, dermatologist, or endocrinologist may help you to find the cause of your skin disorder, and give you the proper medical treatment to cure the inflammation.

Then, both your dermatologist, or a beauty doctor will perform several treatments according to the stage of your acne. Anti-microbial chemical peeling is suitable to cure the inflammatory papule stage, or the abrasive peeling may polish and regenerate the skin after the scarring stage. Moreover, several therapies, such as the laser one, may reduce the blemishes.

Your beautician may perform sebum-balancing and antiseptic treatments: fruit acid based scrubs (glycolic or mandelic acid) and oxygenating disinfectant beauty machines (such us the ozone therapy machine) facilitate the cell renewal and make the skin brighter.

Moreover, the massages which reactivate the skin microcirculation or the blood and lymphatic circulation, facilitate the disposal of the waste out of the body and the tissue regeneration (lymphatic drainage massage, connective tissue massage).

At last, but not the least, everyday care is ESSENTIAL! You should use vegetal beauty products without any harmful ingredients which could close the pores more deeply and be too aggressive (be careful with the make-up products). Choose a few but high-quality products. Be patient and constant!

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