Pretending to be taller

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How often have you thought: “I wish I could be taller!”, or “ I I were taller and slimmer I would be much more attractive!’.  Good news: here they are,  some useful tricks, some optical illusions which make you look a few centimeter taller and a size slimmer.

  • WEAR V-NECKED PULL SWEATERS: it draws the attention from the waistline to the cleavage,  a point far from the trunk. That small strip of skin makes you look slender.

  • WEAR ONLY ONE COLOR: create a continuous, homogeneous, and vertical  line to cheat the other people’s gaze. Choose only a color or a shade for all your outfit.

  • BOTTOM BELL: it is the best shape to pretend you have very long legs. Opt for high-waisted pants. Of course, you can’t do without a pair of high-heeled shoes.

  • LEAVE YOUR ANKLES UNCOVERED: capris, or crop pants, come down to the ankle length and show the thinner part of the body. They are short enough to create a gap from the shoes and draw the attention to them.  Turn ups are very welcomed: they help to underline your ankles, the thinnest part of your body.

  • SHARP TIP SHOES: a lot of women don’t like them. The best choice is high-heeled sharp tip shoes, but if you are not used to them, you may choose a pair of flat ones. This shape lengthens the line of the legs and, in an overall view, you will appear a few centimeter taller.

  • WELL PROPORTIONED HANDBAGS: a big bag draws the attention to your body size and, as a concequences, you will look clumsy. All the bags must be well proportioned, so forget big shoppers and opt for shouldered bags or purses. Watch out: the size makes the difference!

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