Pear: what you should wear

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If you do not have a pear shape, go on because you’ll find your own shape.

If you have a pear shape, here you may find a few general items of advice to start with.

I think it’s the least easy to dealt with; it’s my shape!

We have to work on some points: we have to hide our generous bottom and hips. We have to find a balance with our narrow shoulders and choose clothes which give value to our strong point, the waist line and give volume to our top and hide all the imbalance. The legs are not usually very slim as well but the height makes the difference.

According to the categories of clothes, let’s find yours:

  • SWEATERS: shirts and blouses with collar which fill the neck/ décolleté area fit you. Blazers and jackets as well because they have well designed “shoulders” and make you look really smart. Because of our narrow shoulders, basic and simple sweaters result in being quite poor. Be careful with their length otherwise you may look like a rubbish sack. Sleeves with low attachment line or raglan are forbidden because they make our shoulders even smaller. Rouches or frills are good. And we should prefer shirts or sweaters in the trousers or in the skirts.
  • TROUSERS: we should wear high rinse trousers, wide leg or palazzo trousers, bell bottom ones are welcomed too. We should forget fitted dress pants, skinny pants but also tapered or pleat front pants. Let’s ban the American pocket pants from the wardrobe and choose a five pockets classic model. We can have plenty of palazzo or bell bottom pants which are close fitting on the thighs but they get wide from the knee down. We will look slender if we wear them with a pair of high heeled shoes or wedges.
  • SKIRTS: skirts are easy. They must be short, a-line, circle, gore or hip pleat. If you are tall enough you can dare a maxi one. Forget tubes or pleated ones.
  • DRESSES: we should opt for sleeveless models or corset ones which leave our should uncovered. They waist line has to be outlined and the shirts have to be large. Choose firm fabric which have their own shape.

I capispalla li vedremo in seguito, tanto ormai li stiamo per abbandonare.

We are going to talk about the outwears soon. We don’t need them anymore at the moment.

I don’t want you to say farewell to the last items of fashion or chance your body completely. We must have self critical and learn to wear clothes which hide our weak points and enhance our strong ones. So Kim Kardashian can what she wants even if it doesn’t fit her! But it’s Kim Kardashian! We can’t.

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