It is not only coats

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The winter outwear is a fundamental item in a woman’s wardrobe. My personal preference goes definitely to the coats!

For those who don’t like the coats, here is a short overview of the most fashionable curvy-friendly outwears of the season to make the right choice. They are mainly loose and oversize-you will find yours easily.

PARKA: we haven’t been able to do without it for a few winters. Of course, with colored fur. Shocking colors or risky contrast should be avoided-e.g., blue and pink will fit perfectly. Parka has got a trapezoid shape, and a coulisse can tighten it at the waist line. It fits well built body types, but this is not an advisable option for those who have quite big arms as its armhole is narrow.

FUR COATS: Of course, the faux fur must be the only choice. Enjoy the pastel colors of this season; short or long: it’s up to you. The ones with the hoods are gritty and very smart. Unfortunately, the truth is that it doesn’t make you slenderer as it is voluminous. So, if you like it don’t think about your body shape and enjoy trying them on. Be careful with shape and “hairs” and choose the one which fits you best.

SHEEPSKIN COAT: the black one is very “rock”, soft cream color or pure white are very romantic. The oversize modal has come back in fashion. Don’t choose it too small, it must be warm and embracing. It really fits everyone.

BOMBER JACKET: you should dare: opt for a metallic color and two sizes bigger. But it only fits very slim body types and stylish women. Match it with an elegant dress- the contrast will be striking.

JEANS JACKET WITH PADDING: denim and more denim! It is appropriate when the weather isn’t very cold. You should opt for a classical model with white padding or patterned or floral ones. It is timeless in spring, but it has come back in fashion in winter as well.  Very vintage!

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