Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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A short acronym, PCOS.

Let’s take it for granted… if we get a medical diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, we don’t know if we must feel relieved or start to worry.
PCOS affects between 5% and 15% of the women in the reproductive age. It is an endocrine and metabolic disorder which shows several sides: irregular menses, infertility, acne, hair loss, tendency to overweight or obesity, higher risk of onset of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Of course, the doctor or gynecologist might have told us about some kinds of  therapy (birth control pill? treatments to control the male sex hormones? treatment against insulin resistance?), but he must have told something like that: “Do exercise”, “Lose weight”, in a few words… change your lifestyle.
You should know that your lifestyle, that’s what you eat, what you do during the day, are essential to succeed in carrying out the therapy the doctor has prescribed.

Have you been told that if you have a healthy diet and do exercise, PCOS symptoms may decrease significantly?

Unfortunately, there are no wizards or magical portions; there are no easy and fast ways to manage and get rid of PCOS. You can’t forget having it as well. But you can easily understand why you do need to make some changes in your life.
Researches have demonstrated that changing lifestyle is one of the first line treatment for PCOS women. That’s healthy diet, exercise, weight control.

I am Stefania Cattaneo an accredited RD Nutritionist and the founder of this blog: the lotus flower PCOS. I have matched the work with the patients of my studio and my knowledge about female nutrition and health with the experience of a team of professionals in several sectors to  support women suffering from PCOS.

Why this name? Because the lotus flower is the flower of the grace, of the fertility. It grows in wet areas and it has its roots deep in the marsh, nonetheless it succeeds in keeping itself clean and tidy. Just like that our team at Lotus Flower PCOS want to give all the information which may be useful to spread awareness about PCOS, and to shed some light on it. In a marsh of (misleading) information  which may grow and breed confusion and uncertainty, let’s find some serenity and awareness with some objective simple and clear information.

What are you going to find in this blog? Information, news, our experts’ advice about several sides of the life: nutrition, fitness, emotions, tailored recipes, but also skin care, and advice about style and fashion. You may contact us, make questions, tell us about your own experience.
It is not a medical website, there are no doctors. We are going to take you along your everyday routine with more and less serious items of advice, we are going to help you to put into practice your specialist’s advice and we are going to give you some as well.

Why? Because PCOS deals with the women’s femininity, with her quality of life and the relationship with the other people. PCOS is not a final sentence, but it is a syndrome you can learn to live with.

If you are a woman and most of all you suffer from PCOS, you are very welcome in my website. You may meet our specialists Ambra, Lavinia, Barbara, Valentina, and some other guests invited to discuss about specific topics concerning PCOS world.

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About Stefania Cattaneo

I am Stefania Cattaneo and I am a Nutritionist Biologist. I have always been fond of sports and nutrition most of all related to the women. I work in my private office near Turin, there I see every sort of patients with really different problems and needs. Actually, I mainly deal with sports people and women who suffer from hormonal ailment linked to the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I'll do my best to widen your knowledge (and mine as well) about this hard, difficult awkward but fascinating topic: PCOS.