Clothes… after Christmas time

January. We have come back to our routine, Christmas time is over, and we have gained some weight! You can’t avoid all the mirrors in your house, and soon or later you will have to try to put on a pair of trousers. Ok, don’t try with those ones which have become too tight!

Breathe deeply and go straight to your wardrobe. Luckily this year’s fashion is at your side-trendy items of clothing are loose and comfortable.  This will be same for the spring as well. So, take advantage of it!

Here are four items you must have!

HIGH WAISTED TROUSERS: they have been fashionable for long time. They hide your flattish belly and their loose legs make your tight longer. It’s a comfort item.

Picture: Asos Curvy

BLAZER: it draws the attention to the upper body and underlines your shoulders with a well-formed shape-as a result, the lower part of your body will seem smaller. Try to create a kind of inverted triangle.

OVER OUTWEAR: take advantage of the sales and buy that loose and long coat you saw in the shop windows of your favorite shop some weeks ago. That soft and warm coat which looks like a teddy bear!  The “hairy coat” will wrap you like a blanket and it will hide your curvy shapes!


BLOUSE: opt for a loose white blouse or one with vertical pencil stripes and wear it with a belt which may give a female touch to all the layers you are wearing to hide your silhouette which has become not very slender.

Eventually, don’t forget to buy a bag. A beautiful bag. It makes you feel happier and your friends will be so envious to forget to ask you the unsayable question: “Have you put on weight recently?”

About Valentina Frignani

I’m Valentina. I deal with fashion, but the real fashion of every day’s life, the one which gets to the shops after the catwalks. I deal with fashion for ordinary women who feel like being protagonists in life, who want to be beautiful and dynamic with their suitable look!

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