Turin Iconic Landmark Mole Antonelliana Building lit up teal to raise awareness about PCOS.

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It has been the first small step women have taken to raise awareness about PCOS.

Mole Antonelliana, the most famous building in Turin, lit up teal last September, the 30th to state PCOS does exist. It is not only a female complaint, it is not only a Mediterranean disorder, it is something which can’t be underestimated.  

Why Turin? It is my city. I have grown up here and it has always been sensitive to female matters, that’s why, Turin municipality welcomed our request and gave its official recognition to the event. The city has revealed itself as the leading proponent of the renovation, the place where new interesting ideas come up.

I have to be honest: organizing this event was hard work as it is not my job- I had never done something like that. I thought it was such a bigger thing to deal with. I am a nutritionist and I work 5 days out of 7 in my office with the patients from morning till evening, and, at the weekend, I study their nutritional plans. But I want to underline that I could not have turned a great idea into something really concrete without my team of special women (Stefania, Alessandra, Daniela, Myriam, Alice, Margherita, Anna, Tatiana, Barbara, Valentina, Lavinia, Ambra, Rachele). Actually, it has happened, it will happen over and over again: it will be bigger and bigger.

Local media delivered the news with great prominence, and you can watch some videos in Italian in the websites of Viva Torino a Torino Today, passando per il Quotidiano Piemontese, Italia Post e Mole Antoneliana News.

It was the celebration of all the women. I got very moved when two journalists interviewed me. 

É stata la festa di tutte le donne. Mi sono emozionata parlando al microfono di Rete7 e di Torino Today ed avrei voluto raccontare per ore ed ore per dire quanto sia importante parlarne, quanto sia importante prevenire e fare diagnosi tempestiva.

Actually, we have to do some hard work: we have to make clear that the number of women who suffer from PCOS is significant. We have to report about the most common features of the disorder, and to explain if the foreign medical procedures (from the Us and the North-European countries) are effective in Italy too.

The teal colored lights of the Mole made us feel closer. We smile each other, we held our hands, we danced together not to feel alone any more. We have raised our voice. A voice which deserves attention, now.

The reportage of the event

grazie ad Anna Donatiello

About Stefania Cattaneo

I am Stefania Cattaneo and I am a Nutritionist Biologist. I have always been fond of sports and nutrition most of all related to the women. I work in my private office near Turin, there I see every sort of patients with really different problems and needs. Actually, I mainly deal with sports people and women who suffer from hormonal ailment linked to the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I'll do my best to widen your knowledge (and mine as well) about this hard, difficult awkward but fascinating topic: PCOS.

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