Choose healthy sugar for you

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Here we are again to speak about sugar! In the previous article we got rid of the “dangers” you had stored in your cupboard, now let’s fill it with some “friendly” (sweet) food.

I am terribly sorry, but you dont need any sweet snacks or drinks in your kitchen nor in your house.

Italian “mums” are used to keeping something good in case of guests, for the children, or for the family members who are not on a diet. Keep them somewhere out of reach, not to be tempted all the time.

Not very ripe fresh fruit, shell fruit such as almonds, walnuts, nuts, pistachio nuts, pine nuts, are the only ones welcome in your house. But, watch out for the servings: don’t exaggerate! 300-400 gr of fresh fruit or 20 gr of shell fruit a day is enough: you will feel satisfy and the success of your diet will be guarantee. Peanuts belong to the family of the pulses, so they are richer in saturated fat and they may cause inflammation in your body: opt for something else!

  • Pulses: buy only frozen (without seasoning), dried, or fresh
  • Opt for simple fresh bread. Otherwise, read the nutrition facts on the packaging very carefully: water, flour, yeast, salt are the only ingredients allowed.
  • Yogurt: only plain made from half skimmed milk and fermenting bacteria culture. If it is too sour, add some fresh fruit, cinnamon, or natural vanilla flavor.
  • Fresh tomato sauce: you can cook it very easily. It is rich in lycopene, a good antioxidant.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is the best fat you can use to season your dishes. Replace sauces with aromatic herbs and spices.
  • Avoid useless sugar: buy only ingredients you have to cook yourself.
  • Opt for fresh or frozen vegetables: you will create countless different kinds of soup to your taste.
  • Coffee, barley without sugar, and dark chocolate
  • Do you fancy some fruit juice? Squash a couple oranges or blend some fresh fruit (two pieces is the right serving).

How can we replace sugar?

Watch out. Artificial sweeteners are very sweetening, but they make you addicted: you will be always looking for sweet flavor. Opt for:

  • Organic honey
  • Organic brown sugar: it has got a slight licorice aftertaste
  • Agave nectar
  • Maple syrup
  • Stevia

Watch out, because, save the stevia, they all contain sugar, so they have significant calorie intake and they may increase the glycemia. Limit the quantity and take them only if it is strictly necessary. Enjoy the genuine taste of the food and you will free yourself from sugar day after day.

About Stefania Cattaneo

I am Stefania Cattaneo and I am a Nutritionist Biologist. I have always been fond of sports and nutrition most of all related to the women. I work in my private office near Turin, there I see every sort of patients with really different problems and needs. Actually, I mainly deal with sports people and women who suffer from hormonal ailment linked to the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I'll do my best to widen your knowledge (and mine as well) about this hard, difficult awkward but fascinating topic: PCOS.