A short acronym, PCOS,

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

What may it be? Let’s take it for granted… if we get a medical diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, we don’t know if we must feel relieved or start to worry about that.

We get out of the doctor’s office overwhelmed by thoughts, questions doubts; they stand there in our mind.

Of course, the doctor or gynecologist might have told us about some kinds of therapy (birth control pill, treatments to control the male sex hormones, treatment against insulin resistance), but he must have told you must cut out sugar, get exercise, lose weight, in a few word you will have to change your lifestyle.

Yes, of course: lifestyle! You know, but how can we chance something that has always been our life, our tradition, our every day routine, the ordinary gestures in our hectic world? How can we change something we do automatically to save time? How can we quit doing something we like doing?

Unfortunately, there are no wizards or magical potions; there are no easy and fast ways to manage and get rid of PCOS. You can’t forget having it as well. But you can easily understand that you need to make some changes in your life and that they may be decisive to improve your health and to cope with the symptoms of the syndrome.

This site was has been planned to fulfill a basic need:

awareness and understanding

If we don’t know what we are fighting against we can’t make a decision, we can’t decide what we have to change to get to a really long term transformation.

So here it is, the Lotus Flower PCOS, a name which originates from a very beautiful flower, the flower of the grace, of the fecundity, of the fertility. It grows in wet areas and it has its roots deep in the marsh, nonetheless it succeeds in keeping itself clean and tidy. It blooms in magnificent flower of a breath-taking beauty. Just like that, let’s try to shed some light on the topic. In a marsh of (misleading) information which may grow and breed confusion and uncertainty, let’s find some serenity and awareness with objective simple and clear information.

This site was born for you, girls and women of every age, you who want to know what Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is at first. It’s for you who want to know how you can live with it every day, for you who need some concrete advise to change your Lifestyle.

We are going to look into every side of womanliness and explain scientific researchers from all over the world. We are going to deal with nutrition and food, with fast recipes to make at home as well.

We are going to talk about fashion, body care, make up, and deep feeling too and…some pleasant exercise.

Everything is ready, so…let’s get started!

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